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  • Full Moon Paranormal has taken a much needed break. We may start back up again in 2015 and we are currently in the process of arranging investigations at some VERY famous and exciting locations.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting investigation requests.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting membership applications.



Event Calendar

  • Upcoming - Graber Olive House investigation.
  • Upcoming - Amargosa Opera House and Hotel investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Inn investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Railroad Site investigation.


Located in the Antelope Valley,
Full Moon PRS investigates all throughout Southern California and occasionally into Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona.



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Full Moon Paranormal Research Society


The Full Moon Paranormal Research Society is a volunteer paranormal research and investigation team located in the Southern California area.

Full Moon Paranormal is a non-for-profit organization consisting of responsible, seasoned members in the paranormal field. We are dedicated to providing professional help and intervention to those who feel they are experiencing paranormal or unexplained phenomena.

Our team consists of both skeptics and believers who utilize the latest technology and scientific investigative methods in an attempt to document, understand, prove and disprove possible paranormal activity.


Our clients' safety, well being, privacy and confidentiality are paramount in our investigations. All evidence collected during our investigations can be kept in the strictest confidence and remain totally anonymous at the clients request.

If you believe that you may have paranormal activity occurring at your home or place of business and would like help finding answers and solutions, or if you just wish to have the paranormal activity that you are experiencing documented and get the opinion of an impartial group, please feel free to contact us by email or by submitting an investigation request.