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  • Full Moon Paranormal has taken a much needed break. We may start back up again in 2015 and we are currently in the process of arranging investigations at some VERY famous and exciting locations.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting investigation requests.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting membership applications.



Event Calendar

  • Upcoming - Graber Olive House investigation.
  • Upcoming - Amargosa Opera House and Hotel investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Inn investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Railroad Site investigation.


Located in the Antelope Valley,
Full Moon PRS investigates all throughout Southern California and occasionally into Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona.



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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
From:  n3kl.org


Paranormal Investigation Evidence

Here is a collection of some of our most interesting evidence we have captured during our paranormal investigations. For best results, use a good pair of headphones to listen to all of the audio and video clips on our site, and view all images and videos in full screen mode when possible. Some of the evidence listed below may have been collected while a Full Moon Paranormal member was affiliated with another paranormal team or group, or the evidence may have been collected during a public or multiple group event.


Interesting Evidence We Have Collected
"Class A" EVP with a very loud voice saying "Whoooo-Daaaaay".
See: Private Residence - Quartz Hill CA - Investigation #1

Very compelling video that I captured on the "Star of India".
Three different types of investigative equipment detect unexplained phenomena within seconds of each other.
See: Star of India - Investigation #1
EVP of what sounds like female voice saying "Noooo...".
See: Private Residence - Quartz Hill CA

Testing our FLIR Thermal Camera when a Helicopter flew by.
Not really evidence but looks cool!



Full Moon Paranormal Videos

Linda Vista Hospital