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Paranormal Investigation Case File

Location: Burro Schmidt's Tunnel - Investigation #1

General Data
Location: Burro Schmidt's Tunnel - El Paso Mountains CA, Investigation #1
Date: 24-JUL-2010
Start: 7:55 pm
Stop: 10:35 pm
Team / Investigators Present: Omni: Susan, Jenn, Lauren, Michael, Glen, Don


Location Details
Description of Activity: Reports of hearing whispers, and seeing shadows in the tunnel.
Location History:
See: William Henry "Burro" Schmidt
Evelyn Ann "Tonie"
"Friends of Burro Schmidt Tunnel"


Equipment Used
Video Equipment: Video
Digital Cameras: L100, DZO-V50, SD870 IS
Digital Audio Recorders: DM-520, VN-5200PC
EMF Meters: CellSensor
Environmental Instruments:  
Other Equipment:  


Environmental Conditions
Start: Unknown, warm
Stop: Unknown, warm
Wind Speed / Direction:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Relative Humidity:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Dew Point:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Barometric Pressure:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Precipitation / Clouds: None
Solar X-Rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
Moon Phase:
Illuminated Fraction: 0.994
0.8 days until full moon
Other: Gravel, dirt, dust inside the tunnel.


Investigation Notes
7:50 pm
After taking "Glen's short-cut" we arrived at Burro Schmidt's shack and Tonie Seger's home.
7:55 pm
We investigated Tonie Seger's small home. Now days, the home and shack have been looted and not much remains except the structures. The last time Don was here, Tonie still lived in the home and was always very grateful to have visitors and share her stories and the history of Burro Schmidt's Tunnel.
7:56 pm
Inside the kitchen living room area, Don felt a sudden chill, followed by Susan and then Glen. Glen commented on the fact that Don never gets chills. After further investigation, we feel the chill was due to a cool breeze on a warm desert summer night coming through a crack in a window.
8:15 pm
We proceeded to Burro Schmidt's shack to investigate. The walls of the shack are insulated with many old newspapers and old "Collier's Weekly" magazines dating back into the 1930's. Very interesting reading.
9:30 pm
We geared up and entered the tunnel.
9:37 pm
An EVP session was held at the first wide carved out area of the tunnel.
9:42 pm
End of EVP session.
9:47 pm
We exited the far end of the tunnel and admired the view of the valley below. (we are just a bunch of "dirk diggelers")
9:58 pm
We re-entered the tunnel for the return trip.
10:01 pm
A bat flew into Michael's head.
10:15 pm
An EVP session was held at the storage area inside the tunnel.
10:23 pm
The team observes and discusses what appears to be some kind of a shadow that repeatedly appears and blocks the light at the entrance of the tunnel.
10:25 pm
End of the EVP session.
10:31 pm
We exit the tunnel.


Audio: 4 hrs
Images: 20
NOTE: When reviewing audio evidence it is often necessary to wear headphones to hear all of the details.

Note: There is nothing paranormal about these images, they are here for historical information and documentation purposes only.



It was a consensus of the team that the shadows that seemed to appear at the tunnel entrance were an optical illusion. No team member had any personal experiences or discovered any notable evidence during review.

The result of this case is: No Activity


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