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Paranormal Investigation Case File

Location: Private Residence - Palmdale

General Data
Location: Private Residence - Palmdale CA
Date: 01-OCT-2010
Start: 7:30 pm
Stop: 2:45 am
Team / Investigators Present: Omni: Jenn, Glen, Don


Location Details
Description of Activity: Reports of shadows seen going up and down the stairs, the sound of footsteps and creaking floorboards from upstairs, voices whispered into client's ears, a plate and bottle shattered in the kitchen on their own, the teenage daughter has repeatedly had the bathroom and shower doors locked on her during use.

The clients have kept a journal of the activities with dates and times, and have even tried to debunk the plate shattering using identical plates and a hammer. They found the plates very difficult to shatter with a hammer, and the size and granularity of the glass pieces were not the same as the pieces that resulted from the original shattering that occured on it's own. The clients have gone to the extent of removing the doors that have reportedly locked on their own.
Location History: This investigation involved a two story track home residence that was built and sold in 1991. Clients are the first and only owners, and have occupied the home since it was built. No information was discovered on the history of the land that the house was built on. Investigatiors remember when the housing track was just vacant desert.


Equipment Used
Video Equipment: DV-DVD610, DCR-SR42
Digital Cameras: DZO-V50, SD870 IS
Digital Audio Recorders: DM-520, WS-210S x 2
EMF Meters: Trifield, K-II
Environmental Instruments: Kestrel 4500 NV
Other Equipment: Geophone


Environmental Conditions
Start: 77.4° F @ 8:37 pm (refrigerated air conditioner was ON)
Stop: 85.6° F @ 1:55 am (refrigerated air conditioner was OFF)
Wind Speed / Direction:
Start: None detected inside the residence.
Stop: None detected inside the residence.
Relative Humidity:
Start: 47.1% @ 8:37 pm (refrigerated air conditioner was ON)
Stop: 49.9% @ 1:55 pm (refrigerated air conditioner was OFF)
Dew Point:
Start: 55.7° F @ 8:37 pm (refrigerated air conditioner was ON)
Stop: 64.8° F @ 1:55 am (refrigerated air conditioner was OFF)
Barometric Pressure:
Start: 27.24 inHg @ 8:37 pm (refrigerated air conditioner was ON)
Stop: 27.22 inHg @ 1:55 am (refrigerated air conditioner was OFF)
Precipitation / Clouds: Stormy, showers off & on throughout the day, local thunderstorms. (We actually had some weather!)
Solar X-Rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
Moon Phase:
Illuminated Fraction: 0.369
1.1 days after last quarter
Other: At the beginning of the investigation the refrigerated air conditioner was running and was shut off sometime during the investigation. At different times throughout the investigation, doors to the outside were opened for short periods of time. Note that the tempertaure and humidity increased during the investigation due to the refrigerated air conditioner being shut off.


Investigation Notes
7:30 pm
Environmental conditions and baseline EMF measurements were taken. The average EMF baseline readings varied between .2 MG (miligauss) and .4 MG throughout the house and in areas where people tend to spend most of their time (i.e. living room, family room, bedrooms, beds, couches near TV's, etc).

High EMF readings that exceeded 4.0 MG were noted near the tanning bed, kitchen refrigerator, near a surveillance camera monitor, and next to the doorbell transformer located in the closet beneath the stairway. It was also noted towards the end of the investigation when the refrigerated air conditioner was turned back ON, that the Trifield EMF meter sitting at the top of the stairway maxed out with readings that exceeded 4.0 MG.
8:00 pm
Glen and Don attempted to debunk the bathroom door lock locking on it's own. The bathroom door lock is activated by pressing a small button located on the base of the doorknob. Various debunking methods were attempted including: slaming the door, pounding on the door, wiggling the doorknob, brushing the hand and fingers across the lock button while closing the door, flexing the door, and rattling the door frame. When questioned, the clients confirmed that they do not hang any objects including bath towels or bath robes from the doorknob during use. We were unable to debunk or find any explaination for the door locking on it's own.
8:35 pm
A video was camera placed in the living room recording the stairs and second story landing. Audio recorders were placed at the top and bottom of the stairs, and a geophone was placed in the upstairs hallway within the view of the investigators. An EVP session was started.
10:23 pm
EVP session was ended, all recorders continue to record audio and video.
10:40 pm
Additional equipment was setup. A video camera was placed in the upstairs master bedroom in the direction of the hallway, the geophone was also moved to the master bedroom in view of the video camera. An audio recorder was placed in the downstairs bathroom, and one more audio recorder was carried around by the investigators.
11:17 pm
IR illuminator batteries were replaced.
11:31 pm
Jenn and Glen start an EVP session in the upstairs master bedroom, Don is on the top of the stairs on the second story landing monitoring with an EMF meter.
12:01 am
EVP session was ended, all recorders continue to record audio and video.
12:37 am
The audio alarm on the EMF meter located at top of stairs is triggered and the needle is pegged. The constant high EMF reading was traced to the air conditioner being turned on. While tracing the source of the high EMF readings another source of high EMF was discovered that was generated by the doorbell transformer located in the closet under the stairs.
1:10 am
Jenn and Don start an EVP session on stairway.
1:32 am
A thump was heard by both investigators. No conclusion, it was captured on both audio and video.
2:00 am
EVP session was ended, environmental conditions were recorded, equipment was broken down, investigation completed.
Clients were present during the investigation so the audio evidence does contain some contamination due to noises generated during common household activities.


Audio: 5 hrs
Video: 5 hrs
Images: 50
NOTE: When reviewing audio evidence it is often necessary to wear headphones to hear all of the details.



None of the investigators had any personal experiences they considered paranormal or discovered any notable evidence during review. We feel the clients are sincere with their claims.

The result of this case is: Return Trip Needed


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