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Paranormal Investigation Case File

Location: Private Residence - Quartz Hill - Investigation #1

General Data
Location: Private Residence - Quartz Hill CA
Date: 19-MAR-2010
Start: 11:00 pm
Stop: 12:35 am
Team / Investigators Present: Omni: Susan, Jenn, Lauren, Michael, Glen, Don, and December a 4 year old Bull Terrier (the client).


Location Details
Description of Activity: Client thinks the family dog may be tormented by an unseen entity. Clients dog would act out of character at times and appear to go into a trace like state.
Location History: This is a small guest house behind a main house. The main house had one room painted completely black and there were rumors that satanic rituals may have been practiced there.


Equipment Used
Video Equipment: DCR-DVD610, DCR-HC38, DCR-SR42, Canon GL-1
Digital Cameras: L100, SD870 IS
Digital Audio Recorders: DM-520
EMF Meters: K-II, CellSensor
Environmental Instruments:  
Other Equipment: HVL-IRM


Environmental Conditions
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Wind Speed / Direction:
Start: None, indoors
Stop: None, indoors
Relative Humidity:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Dew Point:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Barometric Pressure:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Precipitation / Clouds: None
Solar X-Rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
Moon Phase:
Illuminated Fraction: 0.180
3.2 days before first quarter


Investigation Notes
11:00 pm
Clients were interviewed and baseline EMF readings were taken. It was observed that high EMF readings were present in the sewing room/walk-in closet area when the TV in the living room on the other side of the wall was turned on.
11:30 pm
A static video camera was setup on a dresser in the bedroom facing the sewing room, another static camera was setup in the living room facing the kitchen, and Don carried a mobile video camera to record various locations and events during the investigation.
11:47 pm
While Susan, Michael, and Don were in the living room and Glen was in the bedroom, Susan commented on hearing a knock. Don said it sounded like it came from the bedroom, Glen (inside the bedroom) said it sounded like it came from behind him.
11:54 pm
Next door neighbor's dog is heard barking, clients dog showed no interest and did not respond.
11:54 pm
Glen takes off for home.
12:04 pm
Susan says she heard something that sounded like whispering.
12:09 am
Clients return home, investigation is concluded.


Audio: 4.5 hrs
Video: 3 hrs
NOTE: When reviewing audio evidence it is often necessary to wear headphones to hear all of the details.
This "Class A" EVP occurred at 11:53 pm. In this clip you will hear one investigator talking in the background from another room while two other investigators are talking about dogs and cats slobbering on them. That's when you will hear a very loud voice saying "Whoooo-Daaaaay". This EVP was caught on every recording device in every room of the house but none of the investigators heard it when it occurred. The EVP was the loudest on recorders located in the living room where the two investigators were talking. Listen around 6.5 seconds into the clip.
In this clip while one investigator was preparing to leaving the house you will hear a voice that sounds like its says "Hi". Listen towards the end around 11 seconds into the clip.



We were unable to debunk the "Whoooo-Daaaaay" EVP that was picked up on every recording device in the house yet unheard by any of the investigators when it occurred. We were also unable to explain the strange actions and behaviour of the family dog.

The result of this case is: Paranormal Activity


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