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Paranormal Investigation Case File

Location: Private Residence - Quartz Hill - Investigation #2

General Data
Location: Private Residence - Quartz Hill CA
Date: 27-MAR-2010
Start: 8:25 pm
Stop: 1:30 am
Team / Investigators Present: Omni: Susan, Jenn, Lauren, Michael, Glen, Don, and December a 4 year old Bull Terrier (the client).


Location Details
Description of Activity: Client thinks the family dog may be tormented by an entity. Clients pet dog would act strange and appear to go into a trace like state.
Location History: This is a small guest house behind a main house. The main house had one room painted completely black and there were rumors that satanic rituals may have been practiced there.


Equipment Used
Video Equipment: DCR-DVD610, DCR-HC38, DCR-SR42
Digital Cameras: L100, SD870 IS
Digital Audio Recorders: DM-520, WS-210S
EMF Meters: K-II, CellSensor
Environmental Instruments: Digital Thermometer
Other Equipment: HVL-IRM, Glow-sticks (trigger objects)


Environmental Conditions
Start: Kitchen cupboard 69.9°, Living room N 72.3°, Living room S 72.4°, Bedroom E 73.1°, Bedroom W 72.8°
Stop: Unknown
Wind Speed / Direction:
Start: None, indoors
Stop: None, indoors
Relative Humidity:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Dew Point:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Barometric Pressure:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Precipitation / Clouds: None
Solar X-Rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
Moon Phase:
Illuminated Fraction: 0.951
1.8 days until full moon


Investigation Notes
After reviewing evidence from the first investigation, it was decided to perform a follow-up investigation. The first investigation revealed some interesting evidence that the team wanted to further investigate. So the second investigation began with trying to debunk the "Whoooo-Daaaaay" EVP (see the Private Residence - Quartz Hill CA, Investigation #1).

Digital audio recorders were placed in the same locations and positions as they were during the first investigation, then a few team members went outside and tried reproducing the "Whoooo-Daaaaay" call from various outside locations at different volume levels. When we tried to simulate the call, it was obvious that the sound was originating from outside and was easily heard by observers inside. We were unable to reproduce or debunk the EVP recorded during the first investigation.
11:17 pm
Equipment was setup and the investigation started.
11:20 pm
Susan thought she heard a little girls voice as she was opening the bathroom door. She thought she heard the voice say "Don't open the door". Susan said the voice sounded as though it came from a 7-10 year old girl.
11:36 pm
Battery check, all equipment have full batteries.
11:43 pm
Glen felt as though his stomach was pushed up.
11:45 pm
Susan's digital camera started experiencing problems. Camera had to be repeatedly turned off and on to get it to function properly again.
11:54 pm
Dog started acting strangely. The dog was fixated on the bottom of the headboard located against the wall of the bedroom. The dog then crawled under the bed at the headboard and froze in one place. The dog refused to come out, be coaxed out, or removed.
12:15 pm
The dog came out from under the bed then immediately returned to the same spot.
12:23 pm
Lauren was standing in the bedroom doorway and had the sensation that something was rushing at her. At the same time the dog started barking. Video directed at Lauren shown nothing unusal.
12:25 pm
Two team members search the outside of the house for signs of anything that may attract or cause the dog to fixate on the bottom of the headboard or bedroom wall. The team members took the dog with them to see if the dog was interested or attracted to anything outside the house. Nothing was found and the dog showed no particlar interest in anything.
12:43 pm
The dog fixated and stared at a kitchen cupboard for a long period of time. The cupboard was inspected and nothing of interest to us or the dog was found. there were no food or pets items in the cupboard. The audio recorder located on the kitchen counter near the cupboard was discovered to have it's battery drained.


Audio: 10 hrs
Video: 15 hrs
Images: 50
NOTE: When reviewing audio evidence it is often necessary to wear headphones to hear all of the details.



We were unable to explain the EVPs we captured at this location during the first investigation, or the strange actions of the family dog during both of our investigations. We also received updated information from the client. After moving to a new residence, the family dog no longer demonstrates the strange behaviour nor appears to go into a trace like state.

The result of this case is: Possible Activity


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