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Paranormal Investigation Case File

Location: Private Residence - Quartz Hill

General Data
Location: Private Residence - Quartz Hill CA
Date: 10-APR-2010
Start: 6:00 pm
Stop: 1:00 pm
Team / Investigators Present: Omni: Susan, Jenn, Michael, Glen, Don


Location Details
Description of Activity: The client is an elder who has been stalked by what she perceives to be a demon for about 15 years. She is psychic and actually has the ability to hear the demon when it talks aloud. She has had a couple of people investigate the house, unfortunately they were physically attacked. One gentleman was scratched and then bitten after visiting the attic. Various members of the family have also been attacked but not to such severity, generally pushes and tugging while walking throughout the house. Lately, the family has noticed the entity is becoming more aggressive and almost possessive of the lady. When having phone conversations it will break in on the conversation and talk over them, garble the phone line and even disconnect the calls. The entity also attacks the lady when she is home alone. She is pushed, scratched, bitten and pulled out of bed while sleeping.
Location History: Nothing found.


Equipment Used
Video Equipment: DCR-DVD610, DCR-HC38, DCR-SR42, CCD-TRV87, DZO-V50
Digital Cameras: L100, SD870 IS
Digital Audio Recorders: DM-520, VN-5200PC, RP5030A
EMF Meters: K-II, CellSensor
Environmental Instruments:  
Other Equipment: HVL-IRM, Pendulum


Environmental Conditions
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Wind Speed / Direction:
Start: None, indoors
Stop: None, indoors
Relative Humidity:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Dew Point:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Barometric Pressure:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Precipitation / Clouds: None
Solar X-Rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
Moon Phase:
Illuminated Fraction: 0.099
3.2 days before new moon
Other: Road noise from passing cards and trucks, furnace or heating unit was running from time-to-time throughout the investigation. The clients were home during the investigation performing normal household activities which caused audio contamination throughout the investigation.


Investigation Notes
6:00 pm
Investigation started. Baseline readings taken throughout the house. High EMF readings were noted near the headboard in the master bedroom where the client sleeps. This was determined to be caused by kitchen appliances (refrigerator, freezer chest, etc.) located on the other side of the adjoining wall. There were multiple salt lamps located in every room throughout the house.
7:30 pm
The outside of the house and property was inspected noting where all services (electrical, phone, satellite TV feeds, sprinklers, etc.) were located and where they entered the house. A raised portion of the house was noted as well as access doors to the subfloor area of the raised portion of the house. It was noted that there was open access to the subfloor area that animals and rotents could easily enter.
8:30 pm
A static video camera and light were placed in the attic where we also noticed signs of rodents. Static video cameras were also setup in the living room directed towards the master bedroom, in the master bedroom directed towards the computer desk, and in the Reiki room directed towards the excercise room and kitchen door. Don carried a mobile video camera to record various locations and events during the investigation.
9:00 pm
Investigation began. Susan, Jenn, and Glen performed an EVP session in the master bedroom. Michael and Don investigated in the Reiki room.
9:40 pm
Susan and Glen heard what sounded like a growl coming from either the bathroom or the closet of the master bedroom.
10:25 pm
Team members switch locations. Susan, Jenn, and Glen investigated the Reiki room while Michael and Don investigated the master bedroom.
10:30 pm
Michael conducted an EVP session from within the closet were the other team thought they had heard a growl earlier.
11:10 pm
The K-II located in the excersise room with Susan, Jenn, and Glen triggered. This was later debunked as being cause by a nearby cell phone.
11:12 pm
Both teams rejoined and returned to the living room to investigate.
11:20 pm
The team decided to experiment using a pendulum and asking questions. Glen operated the pendulum while Don closely recorded the experiment on video. The pendulum operators arms and hands as well as the pendulum and a K-II were kept in the video shot at all times to try and detect any involuntary "Ideomotor effect" movements.
11:25 pm
The K-II triggered very slightly when Glen was performing pendulum work and was asking the question "Are you a relative?".
11:44 pm
The team moved into the master bedroom to perform another pendulum experiment. This time the pendulum was operated by Jenn and then by one of the clients with Don again recording it on video.


Audio: 15 hrs
Video: 11 hrs
Images: 50
NOTE: When reviewing audio evidence it is often necessary to wear headphones to hear all of the details.
In this clip you will hear two investigators talking about a pen, then you will hear a strange voice in the background that sounds like it says "Recording". This EVP was caught on two audio recorders and one video camcorder. Listen around 2.5 seconds into the clip.
In this clip you will hear a reverberating voice in the background that appears to repeat itself twice. This EVP was caught on one audio recorder and one video camcorder. Listen around 1.0 second into the clip.
In this clip you will hear what sounds like a high pitched voice saying "Noooo". This EVP was caught on two audio recorders. Listen around 5.5 seconds into the clip.
In this clip you will hear what sounds like a very faint high pitched voice saying "Why don't you" then the voice changes to a deep pitched louder voice saying "DIE". This EVP was caught on two audio recorders. Listen around 4.4 seconds into the clip.
In this clip you will hear a team member talking followed by three closely spaced sounds. The first sound is a single word in what sounds like a female voice, then a single word in what sounds like a male voice, followed by a snarling sound. This EVP was caught on two audio recorders. Listen around 4.0 seconds into the clip.



A couple of team members did report personal experiences, but no evidence was found to support or substantiate these experiences. The investigation did produce several EVP's that we couldn't explain.

The result of this case is: Possible Activity


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