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Paranormal Investigation Case File

Location: Walden Bookstore

General Data
Location: Walden Bookstore - Lancaster CA
Date: 09-JAN-2010
Start: 8:00 pm
Stop: 1:20 am
Team / Investigators Present: Omni: Susan, Jenn, Lauren, Michael, Don, and two Walden Bookstore employees.


Location Details
Description of Activity: Reported sounds of book pages flipping and the shuffling of books coming from the children's area of the bookstore. Sensations of someone walking past employees just beyond their peripheral vision after the store has been closed. Employees get the feeling that there are still customers in the store after closing hours. When the store is searched they find no one.
Location History:

During the investigation, the history of the bookstore was researched by investigators and bookstore employees. Previously unknown to both investigators and employees, the research indicated that there had been a death in the store.

According to the research, a local robber was shot and killed in the bookstore by L.A. County sheriff officers after fleeing a failed robbery attempt at an adjacent jewelry store. An observation that supports this research was the existence of an approximately 8 foot square piece of new carpet in an area of the store where the alleged shooting was suppose to have taken place. Subsequent research and newspaper articles confirmed the story of the death in the bookstore.

Aerial photo:



Equipment Used
Video Equipment: DCR-HC38, DCR-SR42, Canon GL-1
Digital Cameras: SD870 IS
Digital Audio Recorders: VN-5200PC, RP5030A, WS-210S
EMF Meters: K-II, CellSensor
Environmental Instruments: Temp
Other Equipment: Other


Environmental Conditions
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Wind Speed / Direction:
Start: None, indoors
Stop: None, indoors
Relative Humidity:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Dew Point:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Barometric Pressure:
Start: Unknown
Stop: Unknown
Precipitation / Clouds: None
Solar X-Rays:
Geomagnetic Field:
Moon Phase:
Illuminated Fraction: 0.303
1.8 days after last quarter
Other: During the investigation, the roof heater was cycling on and off. As the investigation progressed throughout the night, the cycling increased in frequency as the air temperature dropped.


Investigation Notes
8:00 pm
A walk-through was performed and baseline EMF readings were taken. there was an area of high EMF in a backroom employee area and the employee bathroom where a circuit breaker box was co-located in a wall separating the two areas. High EFM readings were also observed at the entry/exit anti-shoplifting door sensors. The area around the cash-registers had no measurable EMF readings.
8:39 pm
The noise of falling books was heard. After reviewing photos taken during our walk-through, it was noticed that books on the kids bargain bookshelf cascaded over to one side.
9:09 pm
Lights out, battery checks: Jenn's audio recorder @ 25%, audio recorder in bargain books section @ 75%, audio recorder in romance book section @ 100%.
9:12 pm
A pop sound was heard towards the front (humor section) of the bookstore.
9:18 pm
Heater cycles off.
9:25 pm
Another pop was heard. The sound ended up to be a water bottle on rolling bookshelf.
9:53 pm
Battery check: audio recorder in bargain books section @ 75%, audio recorder in romance book section @ 75%, audio recorder in kids section @ 100%.
9:56 pm
Jenn's audio recorder shut off. A double "ting" sound was heard from ceiling above kids section. Don approximately 20 ft away thought it came from employee section.
10:00 pm
Heater cycles off.
10:09 pm
Tissue packaging sitting on a bookshelf fell to the floor. Upon investigation it was found that the remaining stationary was very near the edge of the bookshelf and tilted forward where it could easily fall off.
10:11 pm
Heater cycles on.
10:20 pm

A novelty illuminating writing pen that was previously left in the cup holder of a folding chair was found on the floor turned on and illuminated.

Upon investigation we found that "if" the pen was hit from underneath the cup holder with enough force as to make it pop-out, it tended to fall to the floor and consistently landed on the pen's light button turning on the light inside the pen.

What we can't explain is was caused the pen to pop out of the cup holder.

10:30 pm
Battery check: audio recorder in bargain books section @ 75%, audio recorder in kids section @ 100%, Jenn's personal audio recorder @ 100%, audio recorder in romance book section was found to be drained, and the battery was replaced.
10:40 pm
Heater cycles off.
10:42 pm
A series of eight extreamly loud bangs coming from the roof or ceiling were heard. The outside of the building was checked for anything unusual.
10:49 pm
Battery check: all batteries no change.
10:53 pm
Heater cycles on.
10:54 pm
Jenn's personal audio recorder shut off by itself, battery was 1/3 down.
11:13 pm
Heater cycles off.
11:15 pm
A pop/flick sound was heard.
11:26 pm
Heater cycles on.
12:19 am
A metallic clang on a metal bookshelf was heard coming from the children's section.
12:29 am
Heater cycles off.
12:31 am
Heater cycles on.
1:06 am
Heater cycles off. Someone heard a door rattle.
1:07 am
Metal bookshelves rattled in kids section.
1:08 am
Heater cycles on.


NOTE: When reviewing audio evidence it is often necessary to wear headphones to hear all of the details.



We feel most but not all of the events that occurred during the investigation can be explained by natural causes. After further research we have come to the conclusion that the loud bangs were caused by delayed furnace ignition from the heating and cooling air units located on the roof (see aerial photo below).

But we were unable to explain what caused the novelty illuminating writing pen to pop out of the cup holder, land on it's button, and turn on the pen's light.


The result of this case is: Possible Activity


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