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  • Full Moon Paranormal has taken a much needed break. We may start back up again in 2015 and we are currently in the process of arranging investigations at some VERY famous and exciting locations.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting investigation requests.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting membership applications.



Event Calendar

  • Upcoming - Graber Olive House investigation.
  • Upcoming - Amargosa Opera House and Hotel investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Inn investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Railroad Site investigation.


Located in the Antelope Valley,
Full Moon PRS investigates all throughout Southern California and occasionally into Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona.



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Full Moon Paranormal Members

Full Moon Paranormal is a small team of paranormal enthusiasts who investigate the paranormal by applying logic, science as well as performing extensive research. We keep our team small because larger groups or multiple teams can lead to the contamination of one or more of the teams' results during investigations, especially in smaller homes and locations. A small team also provides more privacy for our clients and less intrusion and interruption during investigations.


  Founder, Lead Investigator, Tech Specialist

Don is a paranormal skeptic who uses logic and science to prove or disprove paranormal phenomenon as paranormal or normal. He is a software engineer with a background in electronics, construction, mechanics, and robotics. Don has designed and built several custom pieces of investigation equipment for Full Moon and debunking is his speciality.


  Lead Investigator, Case Manager

Glen has an extensive background as an engineer with the United States Marine Corps which gives him a good critical eye when it comes to deciphering strange goings-on or investigating new technologies or techniques. He is also a volunteer with the Kern County Desert Search and Rescue and has vast amounts of knowledge regarding the paranormal and cryptozoology.


New Member

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