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  • Full Moon Paranormal has taken a much needed break. We may start back up again in 2015 and we are currently in the process of arranging investigations at some VERY famous and exciting locations.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting investigation requests.
  • Full Moon Paranormal is accepting membership applications.



Event Calendar

  • Upcoming - Graber Olive House investigation.
  • Upcoming - Amargosa Opera House and Hotel investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Inn investigation.
  • Upcoming - Historic Railroad Site investigation.


Located in the Antelope Valley,
Full Moon PRS investigates all throughout Southern California and occasionally into Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona.



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Full Moon Paranormal Membership Application Form

Full Moon Paranormal is always interested in obtaining new members. If you are interested in joining the Full Moon Paranormal Research Society, please read our requirements listed below, then fill-out and submit our "Membership Application Form". Remember, we keep our team small so there are a limited number of positions available.

Please note the following mandatory requirements:

We expect all membership applicants to be professional, honest, and thorough when answering all the questions on this application form.


Membership Application Form
Name:  (required)
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City, State:
Phone Number:
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Why do you wish to join Full Moon Paranormal?:
What is your background if any, in paranormal investigation?:
Have you had any personal paranormal experiences?:
If so, describe your paranormal experiences:
Have you belonged to any other paranormal investigation groups?:
If so, which groups, and describe your membership with them and whether you are still an active member:
If you have a website or member page describing you, please list the URL's here (an example is myspace.com, facebook, twitter, etc.):
Are you afraid of being in the dark for long periods of time?:
Our investigations are in the evenings, late at night, sometimes over night, and often requires us to travel.

Is this a problem for you?:

Some of our investigations require us to work with law enforcement.

Is this a problem for you?:

Do you watch paranormal TV shows?:
If so, what are your feelings about paranormal TV shows?:
Do you own any paranormal investigation equipment?:
If so, what paranormal investigation equipment do you own?:
Are you willing to purchase paranormal investigation equipment of your own?:
One of the most IMPORTANT and TIME CONSUMING parts of a paranormal investigation is reviewing all the audio and video evidence that was collected.

Are you willing to perform your share of evidence reviewing and do it in a timely manner?:

Do you own a desktop computer or laptop computer that you can use to perform evidence reviewing?:
Occasionally Full Moon Paranormal travels to investigate famous paranormal hotspots such as Virginia City, Tombstone, Queen Mary, etc.

Are you willing to chip in on investigation and travel costs?:

List a few paranormal locations that you would like to investigate:
Where did you hear about the Full Moon Paranormal website? How did you find us?:
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